Enough is Enough: On President Obama Condoning Bigotry at the White House


After three days of high-profiled shootings of white police officers and black men, President Barack Obama is to meet  with  families of the shooting victims, federal officials and other stakeholders to discuss race relations and law enforcement in America.

(Article by Ann-Marie Adams)

Obama will visit Dallas on Tuesday and will meet Civil Rights activists on Wednesday, the White Houseannounced Sunday. He will also devote most of the week working on police issues, press aides said.

The upcoming meeting about police issues and the black community on Wednesday is a wrong-headed move, given the smoldering issue of race and ethnicity in the White House. The Obama administration is xenophobic, a notable bias toward immigrants. In President Obama’s last meeting with activists about how he can spend his final year tackling issues that impact the black community, the nation’s first African-American left out notions of ethnicity within the black community and how their absence in the discussions impacts the nation’s agenda to reach a “more perfect union.” New immigrants and thier participation in the decision making process is almost nonexistent.

New immigrants and thier absence in this democracy also impacts my writing and reporting about the White House beat. That’s because I was consistently barred from covering those meetings about race and law enforcement  and to interject the ethnic bias by African Americans who have demonstrated an agenda to marginalize Afro Caribbeans and Afro Latinos, who identify as black on the U.S. Census.  Supposedly, I am not black enough to speak and write about black issues. This is clearly ridiculous.

Tangible manifestation of ethnic bias is a  reality on the White House beat and all segments of society. And this kind of ethnic bias affects my bottom line. So with this kind of taxation without representation in the White House, Congress, and state legislatures nationwide, I have to scream: enough is enough.

Currently, there is no black immigrant covering the White House beat. And this black immigrant has noticed that there is no black or Afro Latino immigrants in the White House or Congress. And that may be why I’m an oddity at the White House. So much so that I had to be interrogated by the secret service after I was spotted walking at the White House on July 7.

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