Hillary Clinton knows if she loses the election, she goes to prison


Hillary Clinton is one corrupt individual. The Democratic presidential nominee has been involved in scandal after scandal, and while some have been more heinous than others, there is no denying that she has chalked up quite a disgusting resume of wickedness. But without a doubt, the biggest issue that is currently haunting Clinton is the fact that she used a private email server in order to hide the horrific truth about her political corruption. Virtually everything that has been revealed about her has come directly as a result of the Wikileaks email hacks – which goes to show just how twisted this woman is.

Should she lose the presidential election – and should Donald Trump be victorious – Hillary Clinton knows that she is going to be headed straight to prison for her crimes. This is revealed right there in the emails, in which Hillary and her campaign staff air their grievances regarding numerous issues.

It has been reported that shortly after her interview with Matt Lauer, Hillary Clinton stormed off the set, proclaiming, “If [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished … and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.” Apparently not getting all of Lauer’s questions cleared beforehand is reason enough to throw a tantrum. Perhaps the reason that Clinton was so upset is because she is used to getting softball questions from the mainstream media, and when Matt Lauer didn’t want to play ball, she lost her cool.

Should Hillary Clinton lose the election – which appears more and more likely every day – she could go to prison for 20 years for her crimes. Much to the pleasure of the Regressive Left, there isn’t much time left for the FBI to skew the election one way or another, though. As reported by Zero Hedge, “In the most likely scenario, the FBI will not have time to complete the investigation and decide whether or not to charge Hillary Clinton before the election.  This means that we would go into November 8th with this scandal hanging over the Clinton campaign, and that would seem to be very good news for Donald Trump.”

If Hillary Clinton is victorious next week we are all in serious trouble. She clearly doesn’t have the temperament necessary to run this country, and her corruption effects all of the American people on a very personal level. During times like these we need strong leaders who have the best interests of our entire country in mind.

That is most definitely not Hillary Clinton.