Obama announces ‘our’ New World Order is here to stay

In a rambling speech filled with wishful thinking, hypocrisy and straight out deceit, US President Barack Obama has departed from the position expressed by predecessors who called for a New World Order, and instead announced that the US-dominated “international order” is now already here and here to stay, according a political commentator based in Bali, Indonesia.

Article by PressTV

Barry Grossman told Press TV on Wednesday that Obama also took the opportunity presented by his last speech at the United Nations General Assembly to deliver a parting kick to the collective groin of Palestinians.

Speaking at the UN headquarters in New York, Obama said on Tuesday Israel would be better off if it makes peace with Palestinians and realize it cannot permanently occupy the Palestinian lands.

Four months before leaving office, Obama called for a “course correction” to ensure peace and propensity in the world, and chided several foreign leaders for stoking what he called ethnic and sectarian divisions. He also told President Vladimir Putin that if Russia continues to meddle in the affairs of its neighbors that will make its borders less secure.

A chop suey speech

“It’s a chop suey speech that takes a whole shopping cart of fresh ingredients and, after chopping them into pieces which make them almost unrecognizable and, then adding generous lashings of MSG (a flavor enhancer, commonly used in Chinese cooking), quickly stir fries them in a grease filled wok and dirty kitchen without concern for any conflagration the process could cause,” Grossman said.

“This is not the forum to deconstruct and analyze the entire speech so I will simply make a few observations,” he said.

Obama’s international order

“First, avoiding the traps predecessors like George H. W. Bush fell into by expressly referring to the New World Order, President Obama has quite revealingly chosen to refer throughout this speech to ‘the existing international order’, but in terms which make it clear that whatever his ideological differences with previous New World Order champions may be, the international order Obama refers to is one and the same as that has often been referred to by many other political heavy weights as the New World Order, the main difference being that while people like Bush, Henry Kissinger and many other others spoke of what, according to them, was inevitably coming,  President Obama is announcing that it is already here and here to stay,” the analyst said.

Wishful thinking or outright deceit?

“Second, as he continues his obsessive focus on shaping and managing what he hopes to sell as his legacy, Obama makes claims about his accomplishments both domestically and internationally which are little more than wishful thinking on his part, if not outright deceit,” the commentator said.

“He claims success in managing the 2008 GFC – that is global financial crisis — despite widespread contempt for efforts which,  instead of holding those responsible accountable, rewarded them with a bottomless well of tax payers money and in reality consolidated their illegitimate and complete control of a global economy which, in order to advance US and wider Atlantic World interests,  the political apparatus has permitted the same financial elite Obama expresses concern about in his speech,  to turn into a house of cards built on a foundation of speculation, usury, corruption, and outright fraud,” he argued.

US foreign policy and rise of terrorism

Grossman said Obama “claims to have taken away safe havens from terrorists when, in fact, it is now widely conceded even by some of the most conservative analysts and politicians that it was US foreign policy in action which fuelled the rise of terrorism and intentionally created the circumstances in Syria, Iraq and the wider region which, it was known and acknowledged in advance, would inevitably result in the emergence of groups like ISIL [Daesh] and al-Nusra Front,  the ranks of which also happen to have been at various times trained, armed and otherwise supported by covert elements in US security apparatus.”

Obama’s silence on Israeli Samson Option

“Obama claims that his administration has strengthened the international non-proliferation regime ostensibly by using extortion and threats to stop an Iranian nuclear program which, for years, all 16 agencies comprising the US intelligence machine had expressly conceded in their classified annual briefings to Congress did not exist either in reality or in the planning stages; yet he has been quiet as a church mouse about the massive nuclear arsenal which former US secretary of state Colin Powel concedes Israel is targeting Iran with and which is well known to be targeting every European capital as part of Israel doomsday Samson Option.”

“Meanwhile, the Obama administration… has committed unprecedented billions to overhauling, updating and expanding America’s massive nuclear arsenal, the operational command of which has, in the past few years, quietly been shifted to individuals with dual loyalties. Perhaps somebody with access will dare to ask Obama just how that advances the cause of non-proliferation but I won’t hold my breath waiting,” he stated.

Is Russia behind Ukraine crisis?

Grossman said “Obama also denounces Russia for interfering in the affairs of its neighbors while ignoring the fact that it is the USA which has carved out a uniquely hostile history by doing just that –  not just in neighboring nations but globally –  pretty much since the 18th century change of colonial ownership which has come to be known as the Declaration of Independence, a declaration, by the way, which the US establishment has relegated to the status of historical curiosity and now associates with domestic terrorism.”

“Obama claims that the conflict which has plagued the Ukraine was a grass roots reaction to a corrupt government which had sold out to Russia when it has been well established that, however corrupt the Ukraine government may have been,  the Maiden riots were in no small part the direct and intended result of US agitation, money and policy agendas which ultimately saw an arrogant neocon mole in the State Department presume to dismiss all of Europe with a single expletive and personally determine the illegitimate new regime’s composition,” he explained.

Who backs Saudi aggression in Yemen

“Meanwhile, in Yemen – where circumstances mirrored those which the Obama administration projected onto the Ukraine – his administration not only continues to champion the illegitimate cause of a Saudi stooge who, in addition to often working together with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, over stayed his fixed term of office as Yemen’s president by a full year, before resigning and running away to the safety of his Saudi masters when the Yemeni people made it clear that they wanted reform,” Grossman said.

“If that is not bad enough, Obama green lighted both the belligerent Saudi war on Yemen and the almost unqualified US political, logistical and material support for that war which is so essential to the Saudi’s murderous campaign against Yemeni civilians,” he continued.

Obama’s most violent proxy war still raging

“The Atlantic World’s war on Islam and the wider Middle East being waged under the guise of a euphemistically named War on Terror is nothing if not a world war, yet Obama dares to make claims that America’s, that is, what he refers to as  ‘our’  international order,  ‘has been so successful that we take it as a given that great powers no longer fight world wars’  and even has the audacity to insist that the world  ‘recognize a common humanity and that nations end proxy wars that fuel disorder’  even as what by all indications promises to become the most violent proxy war the US has ever engineered is still raging entirely on the strength of US support for insurgents in Syria,” he stated.

Obama believes in American exceptionalism

Grossman said Obama “speaks of his commitment to accountable governance, the rule-of-law, democracy, human rights and international law. Yet no US president has been more committed to criminalizing whistleblowers, to using extrajudicial and, as often as not, un-targeted assassinations based on the intended victims’ presumed politics, and to green lighting covert foreign military operations, to say nothing of the Atlantic World’s abandonment of the rule-of-law in favor of rule by policy, no small part of which is a direct result of the example set by American exceptionalism which sees the US routinely disregard long standing principles of international law when it suits American interests, while invoking those same principles to justify hostile interventions ostensibly intended to hold regional leaders, typically  in Africa and the Middle East, accountable when it suits US interests to do that.”

“Obama claims to be committed to the global fight against corruption when, in fact, he embraced a process which has seen the US strengthen its relations with some of the world’s most corrupt governments while forging new ties with corrupt governments – like Burma’s – elected on the strength of human rights abuses affecting millions, simply because doing so is deemed to serve US geo-political interests,” said Grossman, who is also an international lawyer.

The analyst said Obama “appeals to the progressive masses with his belated committed to combating global warming but without in anyway acknowledging the fact that, however real the problem may be, the issue and related narrative have already been covertly militarized by the US security apparatus in order to advance US and Atlantic World ‘security interests’ defined almost entirely in terms of corporate economic interests.”

Obama advancing Zionist agenda?

“Yet if there is one obscene whopper in this chop suey speech that outrages more than any other, it would have to be Obama’s facetious claim that he is a friend of both Palestine and Israel, even as the ink is drying on his commitment to give Israel the largest single US aid package ever so that the bigoted, illegitimate regime occupying Palestine can not only continue its long running campaign of US backed war crimes and genocide against Palestinians, but so that this massive financial  contribution towards that endeavor which Obama has forced on US tax payers as a parting kick in the collective groin of Palestinians can free up other money needed to continue corrupting the Atlantic World’s political processes in a manner which lines the pockets of serving politicians and ex-presidents like Obama, while advancing the Zionist agenda in all public affairs,” Grossman stated.

International law and Palestinian question

“What stands out in Obama’s little soliloquy on Israel in this speech is not his call for Israel to recognize that it cannot occupy Palestine forever or his condemnation of ongoing land appropriations under cover of Jewish settlements, but rather America’s steadfast insistence that the international law of nations and, indeed, the rule-of-law itself, has no place in the Palestinian question, and that the resolution of any and all related issues cannot be arrived at piecemeal or through some international legal process which, reflecting the law of nations, manifests the will of the vast majority of the world’s population who recognize the Palestinian nation and demand a remedy for the massive injustice imposed on that nation not only by its occupiers but by the USA, the UK, France and most of their allies as well,” he pointed out.

America bankrolling Israeli settlements

“To illustrate the point in a very small way, if, as the number of words committed to the ‘settlement’ issue in Obama’s speech implies, he considered the related ongoing appropriation of land a problem deserving of a solution, he would also recognize that recent demographic studies have established that a disproportionate percentage of the offending, so-called settlers are in fact American citizens, and even greater part of the financial cost of this illegal enterprise is funded with American money,” he continued.

“If there was even a scintilla of authenticity in his words and if he had even only  the slightest inclination to let his innate sense of justice override the prescribed script which, as president, he has been required to embrace and manifest in all of his policies, he would already have done in his first term that which the American establishment invariably does to enforce its policies abroad and sponsored long arm jurisdiction legislation criminalizing any person connected with the United States who provides material support for what are almost universally recognized as illegal settlements in Palestine,” the analyst concluded.

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