Trump on migrant caravan: “We don’t want them”

These four words should be etched in stone.

(Article by Chris Menahan republished from

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump said Friday he would not allow the caravan of migrants fleeing Honduras into the United States.

Trump insisted that there were criminals in the group.

“You listen to the fake news back there and you think they’re all wonderful people, right?” he asked.

Trump explained that group of over 4,000 migrants was now clashing with Mexican authorities, attempting to cross into their country by force.

“You got some bad people in those groups, you got some tough people in those groups. I tell you what, this country doesn’t want them. We don’t want them,” Trump said.

What more needs to be said?

“We don’t want them.”

That, in itself, is reason enough to turn them back at the border.

It doesn’t matter, as the folks on CNN say, that Americans are all evil scum and these people are better than us in every way. We don’t need to prove these people are bad, nor prove that we’re good.

“We don’t want them.”

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