U.S. government contributes to our debt crisis by carelessly spending $1 billion a year on PR

It’s hard to deny that taxation is theft.

The government taking money from unwilling law-abiding citizens that want no part in their schemes is the very definition of stealing, and yet it has become just another part of American culture. Of course, those who are opposed to taxation are those who actually contribute to the betterment of society and provide for themselves, while the people who are in full agreement with the federal government’s increased tax policies are the lazy leeches that cannot take care of themselves under any circumstances.

For everyone that takes issue with the United States taxation policies, news has gotten even worse recently. The threat of increased and expanded taxation under President Hillary Clinton would create an economic disaster for us all, but a light being shined on currently policies is equally infuriating.

The federal government has been spending over a billion dollars on public relations every year in order to make themselves seem less worthless and corrupt — and they’re using taxpayer dollars to fund this ridiculous venture. Yes, just when you thought the hypocrisy couldn’t get any stronger, they use money stolen through taxes to try to make it appear as though they aren’t stealing money through taxes. You can’t make this stuff up!

Joseph Lawler of Washington Examiner reports, “Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., requested the report in February after failing to get information about PR spending from the Obama administration. At the time, Enzi warned that some PR spending could run afoul of regulations against propaganda and that the government didn’t have the finances to spend money on advertising.”

Apparently as smart as the powers that be believe they are, they constantly lose track of how apparent their corruption is. By contributing to the overall health concerns of the nation’s economy, the federal government is betraying its people. They are supposed to be allowing all of us to be prosperous and successful, but instead they are hindering all of us from reaching our full potential. They are a cancer that has latched itself onto the American dream, so it’s insane that they continue to try and look necessary through these ridiculous PR schemes.

By this point, they American public at large has caught onto their games and we aren’t buying what they are selling any longer. They may try to control us in every way imaginable, but their grasp is weakening with each passing day.





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