Hillary praised communist China leader

In yet another “you can’t make this stuff up” moment from the Hillary Clinton campaign trail, the Democrat presidential nominee has seemingly unintentionally compared her party to that of communist China. No matter how hard the Regressive Left tries, they just can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot due to their pure incompetence.

At private speeches, Hillary Clinton has reportedly expressed her affection for Chinese President Xi Jinping, as revealed by the documents revealed in the WikiLeaks data leak.

Clinton reportedly stated, “The new president of China is a much more sophisticated actor than his predecessor. He lived in the United States for a short period of time, actually lived in Iowa on a — on a farm. He was working in agricultural issues within the Communist party, you know, about 30 years ago. He is a better politician than his immediate predecessor, Hu Jintao.”

When asked about the statements, members of the Clinton campaign refused to deny them, with people like Tim Kaine refusing to confirm or deny the truthfulness of the comments. Given their penchant for lying, it’s extremely telling that they simply tried to dodge the subject on Hillary’s admiration of communism. Regardless, it’s not much of a surprise on Hillary’s behalf. She views herself as a leader of the world and her apparent self-importance contributes to the fact that she wants nothing more than to be a communist dictator. Still, it’s surprising that the lying campaign staff didn’t even try to deny the truth.

When you look at communist societies all over the world, it is immediately apparent that the last thing the United States needs is communist influence. These countries are not flourishing — they are complete disasters. Their economies are garbage and their citizens have very little free will. They are a cancer to the world at large.

And still, the mindless liberal millennials who want to contribute nothing to the universe and leech off of the government for the rest of their lives will continue to promote these communist and socialist ideals without realizing just how stupid they all sound. If this country does unfortunately elect Hillary Clinton, its citizens will be admitting to wanting a communist dictator instead of a capitalist system for their society. This is absolute madness, but it’s the world we are currently living in.

When the leftists control everything, they get to dictate what we are all taught in schools. Apparently communism is on the syllabus.





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