Fran Tarkenton Blasts Athletes Boycotting Trump White House: ‘Nobody Boycotted Obama Because He’s Black, Did They?’

TMZ Sports spoke with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton this weekend, and the former Minnesota Viking said it is “disrespectful” and “stupid” that athletes such as Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert will refuse to visit the White House after winning the championship during President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency.

Article by Trent Baker

“You know, if they don’t wanna go there, so what?” he said. “That’s disrespectful, is it not? I mean, you put politics — If a President of the United States, our number one guy, invites you to the [White House] and you’re gonna boycott it, because why? It’s stupid. Nobody boycotted Obama because he’s black, did they? They all went there because he was our president, and you respect our president no matter whether you’re for him or not.”

Tarkenton also praised Trump for his deal with Carrier to keep over 1,000 jobs here in the United States.

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