Nobel mistake? Ex-Secretary of Peace says Obama did not achieve anything of impact except bad attention

Did you know that Barrack Hussein Obama is the only President to be at war the entire two terms in office? He’s definitely not the peacemaker he sold to Americans back in 2008. In fact, during that campaign, Obama was branded as the antiwar candidate. Based on having done absolutely nothing to earn it at all, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his first term in office, as if the award was dished out in advance based on some promises he was expected to keep. Well, 300 million Americans and the rest of the world were in for a huge surprise. Obama didn’t keep a single promise he made, but rather charged forward in quite the opposite manner, completely escalating his aggressive attacks, including escalating the war in Afghanistan. Obama became the champion of nothing but non-stop war that brought about no victories, no peace, and left nothing but a wake of destruction and desolation in its path.

Obama has launched wars in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, to name a few countries, and instigated conflicts in Somalia, Yemen, Eastern Europe and the South China Sea. What’s worse is that the wars in which America is engaged now have no end in sight, unless President-elect Trump can make that change. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and looking back, anyone who voted for Obama or celebrated his Nobel Peace Prize is now suffering “buyer’s remorse,” including the person who gave Obama the prize.

No Peace–No Prize… Should the Nobel Peace Prize be stricken from Obama’s possession?

Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to honor men and women around the globe for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, and work in peace. If Alfred Nobel knew that Obama still holds one for peace, he would turn over in his grave. Geir Lundestad, Secretary of Peace, told the AP news agency that the committee that awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 did so hoping that the award would strengthen Mr. Obama. No Nobel Peace Prize ever gained more attention than the one given to Obama–predicated on some hoped-for future achievements that would never come.

Big question: Did Obama know in 2009 that he was not worthy of a Nobel Prize and never would be? It’s revealed in Lundestad’s memoirs that Obama considered not even going to Norway’s capital to pick up the award. Obama’s staff even asked if other winners had skipped the award ceremony, but to Obama’s chagrin, that only happens when governments hold back its awarded dissidents.

7 wars in 7 countries is no kind of peace

What kind of leader who is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has the gall to push for war in seven different countries? A hypocrite and a liar. Much like the Vietnam War, the mass media keeps pushing the same narrative that “We’re winning,” when we most certainly are not. Nothing was ever gained by destroying Iraq or attempting to occupy Afghanistan, a country no other nation has ever succeeded to overthrow. Still, thousands of soldiers come home to America every year from Obama’s wars, dead or maimed, while more forces are deployed to fight a war against a faceless enemy that fights without any army, navy or air force. Obama has even been blamed for funding terrorists to overthrow leaders in countries where the US wants to create turmoil in order to seize natural resources.

The Great Nobel Mistake

Currently, Obama has 10,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan, even though he repeatedly promised to end the war there by 2014. This is not just for “stability” either, in case you were wondering, Obama has resumed night raids and uses drones to bomb locations all across the country. Is this counter terrorism or terrorism itself? A drone war is still a war, responsible for killing nearly 4,000 people in Pakistan, including nearly 1,000 civilians, of which 200 or more were children. That’s not even including those murdered by drones in Somalia and Yemen.

Bottom line: don’t let all the fancy war terms trick you. “Counter-terrorism operations” are still war operations, and the war on terror seems to be a perpetual one with no end in sight. This is not the natural order of things. Keeping America’s borders wide open and trying to grab American’s guns every time there is some domestic “attack” is never going to solve our problems, nor is giving the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who literally fosters terrorism and perpetual war, while claiming to do just the opposite.


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