America hits new record under Obama’s welfare economy: 95 million people NOT in the work force

Now that President Barack Obama is (thankfully) on his way out of office, everyone seems to be talking about his legacy as the leader of our country. While the Regressive Left is convinced that he is the savior of the world who never did anything that was even remotely wrong, the rest of us aren’t so willing to accept this as the gospel truth. When you really analyze what Obama did during his time in office, you will quickly realize that a lot of it isn’t so incredible.

One of the biggest lies that we are all told is that Obama took an economy destroyed by George W. Bush and completely turned it around. Unfortunately for those pushing this belief, no statistics actually back up this claim.

Susan Jones of CNS News reports, “The final jobs report of the Obama presidency, released Friday, shows that the number of Americans not in the labor force has increased by 14,573,000 (18.09 percent) since January 2009, when Obama took office, continuing a long-term trend that began well before Obama was sworn in.” These statistics directly destroy the idea that President Obama was some sort of economic savior. Despite the fact that the left has been doing everything in their power to make us all believe this, the truth isn’t hard to find.

Jones goes on to write, “In December, according to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 95,102,000 Americans were not in the labor force, 47,000 more than in November; and the labor force participation rate was 62.7 percent, a tenth of a point higher than in November.” No, we do not have a healthy country or economy, thanks to Obama. In fact, it only appears that way if you really stretch the truth.

Sadly, stretching the truth has become far too normalized for the leftists of the world, so many believe that Obama actually improved the economy. For those of us who are living in reality, the devastating effects of Obamacare, absurd taxation and countless regulations have left us waiting excitedly for the day that the Obama administration was a thing of the past.

Now that we finally have it, we can only hope that President-elect Donald Trump keeps his promises and improves the state of affairs in regards to the United States’ economy. While we are all really just hoping for the best, it’s not like it can be much worse than what Barack Obama gave us — regardless of what the mainstream media will have you believe.



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