If Ivanka Trump’s parents were Democrats, the media would worship her

The nation’s leading journalists, talking heads, and television analysts collectively threw a full-blown media hissy fit after first daughter Ivanka Trump announced that she will be taking on a formal role, assistant to the president, in her father’s White House. Elite Daily smugly called Ivanka a “total hypocrite.”  The Washington Post described the situation as an “ethic(al) quagmire.” Cosmopolitan said Ivanka’s gig is “an insult to working women.”

(Article by Kristin Tate from thehill.com) 

A first daughter has never taken on such an active role in the White House. If Ivanka were the daughter of a Democrat politician, she would be called a trail blazer. If Hillary Clinton were in the White House, and Chelsea Clinton took an official position as assistant to the president, left-leaning pundits would likely point to her as a shining example of a strong women for young girls.

But because it’s Ivanka, the daughter of the most hated Republican in U.S. politics, she’s a villain guilty of nepotism; she’s an insult to working women; she only got her position because of her privilege and her last name.

Ivanka has been giving her father advice throughout her entire life, particularly as an adult; it’s what family does. Giving her a formal, unpaid position holds her accountable to the same ethical standards as every federal worker.

But the bigger point is that Ivanka is highly qualified to be assistant to the president. She has her father’s trust and ear, but has also made it clear that she lets him know when she disagrees with him. Beyond that, she has a business record that will speaks for itself. She served as the executive vice president of the massive Trump Organization for years and built her own fashion empire — which netted almost $30 million in sales last year — as a businesswoman in her own right, keeping her own name and reputation.

Ivanka then used her massive platform to be an advocate for women and workplace equality, issues that she is passionate about. Thanks to Ivanka, maternity leave was discussed for the first time, ever, at the Republican National Convention. She made the issue part of the conversation among conservative leaders.

Yet despite her accomplishments, the left — including those who call themselves “feminists” — are waging war on Ivanka. Why? Because she is the daughter of Donald Trump, the daughter of a Republican.

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