Reality offends Leftists: If you didn’t know some countries are sh*tholes, you’ve never really seen the world

In the latest media uproar over Trump, Democrats claim the President described certain nations as “sh*tholes” during negotiations over immigration and DACA. Democrats went ballistic, accusing Trump of all the usual things, such as being a racist, a KKK member, an idiot and so on. What has never occurred to Democrats and the media, however, is that some countries really are sh*tholes.

The President, in other words, only told the truth. For that, he is being utterly condemned (as expected) by a group of people who constantly LIE about everything. (Yes, to the Left, truth is highly offensive, but lies are socially acceptable.)

Democrats are so stupid, they don’t realize some countries really are sh*tholes

If you didn’t know there are “sh*thole” countries in the world, you’ve never traveled. As someone who has traveled extensively — I speak three languages and have lived in Asia and South America — I can tell you without hesitation that there are truly many sh*thole countries in the world. Anyone who denies that is living in a fantasy land.

More importantly, the very reason people from these sh*thole countries want to come to America is because their own countries are sh*tholes. If you’ve ever been to a sh*thole country, like I have, you’ll learn very quickly that many people there hope to escape to America one day, because they correctly see America as a vastly superior country to their own sh*thole home country.

But an ever deeper question in this is why are those countries sh*tholes in the first place?

Sh*thole countries are turned into sh*tholes by the people who live there

Naturally, telling the truth about all this will earn me tremendous hatred from the deranged, lunatic Left, but this needs to be said: Sh*thole countries are turned into sh*tholes by the people who live there. (Obviously. Who else?)

Even the more intelligent people who live in such countries will often lament the fact that their fellow citizens are corrupt, selfish and clueless. I know this because I’ve talked with many people who came from sh*thole countries, and even they will often describe them as sh*tholes in private conversations.

If you think about it, President Trump is correct to limit immigration and refugees from sh*thole countries for one simple, powerful reason: People tend to being their “sh*hole mentality” with them, meaning that if enough of these people are brought into America, they will turn America into a sh*thole, too.

As Tucker Carlson explained on his Fox News show, most Americans actually agree with the “sh*thole” designation for many other countries that exist on the verge of collapse:

An awful lot of immigrants come to this country from places that aren’t very nice. Those places are dangerous, they’re dirty, they’re corrupt and they’re poor, and that’s the main reason those immigrants are trying to come here and you would, too, if you live there.

The process of turning America into a Democrat-run sh*thole, not surprisingly, is already under way in certain parts of California, where the massive swaths of homeless tents and shantytown areas reflect how corrupt left-wing government has a “sh*thole effect” on destroying society. In fact, if you look around the world at the worst sh*thole countries, you’ll find something that shouldn’t be surprising: They’re all run by big, powerful governments that pursue insanely stupid economic policies and are steeped in corruption. They’re Democrats, in other words, although they might not be called Democrats in their home countries.

If you don’t think Haiti, for example, is run by deep corruption and stupidity, you’ve never been to Haiti. Is Haiti a “sh*thole?” Let’s just say if President Trump actually called Haiti a sh*thole, he absolutely was not the first person to do so.

CNN and the Democrats want to turn America into a totalitarian left-wing sh*thole

But the bigger realization in all this is that CNN and the Democrats can only stay in power when the masses of Americans are living in poverty, wholly dependent on big government to dictate their lives. The entire push for illegal immigration and refugees, remember, is nothing more than a voter recruitment ploy by Democrats, a political party that thrives on turning America’s cities into collapsing economic sh*tholes.

The more successful and abundant America becomes, the less people want Big Government interfering in their lives. That’s why Democrats despise the recent salary bonuses that have been paid out to employees by Wal-Mart, AT&T and other large corporations. The very idea that workers should be able to keep more of what they earn is the antithesis of leftism, which demands the entire country be plunged into sh*thole-ness so that desperate people might vote for more Big Government handouts promised by Democrats.

Thank God President Trump is fighting against that insanity by standing up for America. It’s way past time that we rolled out a merit-based immigration system that attracts quality people to this great nation. People who don’t have anything to offer America should not be automatically invited in just because their home countries have collapsed into sh*thole-ness. Yet for Democrats, the worse of a sh*thole your home country, they more they want you to come to America! The worse off America becomes, after all, the more Democrats remain in power. You might even say that Democrat lawmakers “appeal to sh*thole-ness” as part of their core strategy to stay in power. That’s why they are so offended when Trump calls them out.

The vulgarity and hypocrisy of the vagina-hat-wearing Left is nauseating

Finally, the vulgarity of the Left cult is so routinely out of control that their attacks on Trump for possibly using the word “sh*thole” seem completely unhinged from the start. Remember, Leftists are people who actually wear giant vaginas on their heads and refer to their political opponents as “teabaggers” (a reference to a pornographic depiction of a man’s scrotum).

This picture shows a typical Democrat on the street, protesting against Trump by wearing a giant, anatomically detailed VAGINA:

As explained by the Daily Wire:

The Left obviously is in no position to lecture anyone for “vulgar and offensive” language. These are the same people who spent eight years calling their political opponents “teabaggers.” “Shithole” is a PG-13 term. “Teabagger” is X-rated. It’s also a personal attack on actual people, as opposed to an attack on the general conditions of a country. And let’s not forget the time they donned vagina hats and marched through the streets with signs referring rather explicitly to their “p*ssies.” I could go on at great length citing examples of the gleeful vulgarity that has spewed from the mouths of the people now so scandalized by the “s” word.

Stop pushing America toward a left-wing sh*thole

For my take on all this, I think it’s time to Make America Great Again, but the Dems want to Make America a Sh*thole forever. As the Daily Wire correctly concludes:

[O]ur immigration system should favor those immigrants who will add something useful to society. The media can faint like wilting flowers all they want, but a great many people in the United States agree with the President. They see that we are deep in debt, the Welfare State is bankrupting our children, our cities are overrun with crime and poverty, and they do not want to import immigrants who will contribute to any of those problems. White or black or in between. The race is not the concern here. The concern is far more practical and logical, and it’s exactly the concern that should be primary for the President of the United States.

Perhaps instead of supporting the MAGA slogan, we might begin touting the SMAASH mantra: Stop Making America A Sh*tHole.

Have some standards, for God’s sake, which means a merit-based immigration system.

Or better yet, for every new immigrant we let in, why not require that one America-hating left-wing lunatic leave the country for good?

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