Trump, GOP demanding probe into allegations that Russia ‘HACKED’ the DNC’s server

(National SentinelLet’s See Proof: In June 2016, the Democratic National Committee claimed that Russian hackers penetrated the organization’s email servers and stole data.

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The hack was said to be so successful that all of the DNC’s opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as all chat and email traffic, had been compromised as well.

About a month later, some 20,000 of the emails were released to the public via Wikileaks.

Many believed that the Trump campaign had something to do with the hacks and the leaks, but the public doesn’t really know for certain because the DNC refused multiple offers from the FBI’s cyber-forensics unit to examine the organization’s servers to verify the claims.

Or refute them.

Rather, the DNC contracted with a private cybersecurity firm, Crowdstrike, when then ‘confirmed’ the DNC’s version of events.

Some have said the emails were downloaded and stolen — perhaps by former DNC IT worker Seth Rich — and provided to Wikileaks in that manner.

But a year after the alleged hack, the FBI still had not been given access to the servers to confirm or deny the allegations. And the bureau has never subpoenaed the DNC to get it, either.

That’s important because the alleged hack — by ‘Russia’ — is what is said to have led the Obama administration to launch a massive spying operation against the Trump campaign.

Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, tweeted on Saturday: “The investigation’s origin was the suspicion that the DNC’s server was hacked. Without this attack, there would be no investigation. But how do we know it happened? The Obama Justice Dept. never took custody of the server — no subpoena, no search warrant.”

As former federal national security prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes in a Saturday column for National Review:

The fons et origo of the counterintelligence investigation was the suspicion — which our intelligence agencies assure us is fact — that the Democratic National Committee’s server was hacked by covert Russian operatives. Without this cyber-espionage attack, there would be no investigation. But how do we know it really happened? The Obama Justice Department never took custody of the server — no subpoena, no search warrant. The server was thus never subjected to analysis by the FBI’s renowned forensics lab, and its evidentiary integrity was never preserved for courtroom presentation to a jury.

There’s no way that was by accident. And of course, we recall that, at the time, James Comey was director.

And Barack Obama president.

We’re left to believe Crowdstrike, a DNC contractor that had significant financial ties to the Clinton campaign.

This hasn’t gotten past House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif.

For months he’s been demanding that the Justice Department produce the documentation that began the Trump-Russia investigation. And for months he’s been getting stonewalled.

He clearly suspects that there was no actual “hack” of the DNC’s server, ergo, there was never any legitimate concern that the Trump campaign was working with Russia to “steal the election.”

He suspects that this was all just a political operation to spy on a rival presidential campaign in a manner that is unprecedented in our history.

We suspect he’s right.

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