Even many liberals now agree: the wall needs to be built – WATCH at Brighteon.com

One of Donald Trump’s most noteworthy promises while on the campaign trail was building the border wall between the United States and Mexico – a promise that he’s now fulfilling, and that has the backing of increasingly more liberals who recognize that, without a proper border, we don’t have a nation.

In one of the latest installments of Eric Thompson’s The Deplorables program, available at Brighteon.com, Thompson unpacks who lives in “the swamp,” some of the unlikely figures and groups that are jumping aboard the “Trump Train,” and other pertinent news on the political front.

“When he started running for president, he was saying, I’m going to get the government out of your lives and give control back to you,” Thompson states in the opening to his video about why the President is a constant target of the “deep state,” or Trump commonly referred to on the campaign trail as the swamp.

Who is “the swamp?”

As explained in Trump’s own words as part of a video montage that Thompson includes in his video, the swamp represents every single deep state player in government – and some outside of it who maintain undue influence over our politicians – who remains complicit in supporting unfair trade deals, unlimited illegal immigration, and other globalists policies that are “bleeding our country dry.”

“It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

Trump also notoriously pegged the “Clinton Machine” as being at the center of this deep state corruption, as revealed through the Wikileaks data “dumps” that have exposed Hillary, Bill, Obama, and many others for their involvement in traitorous and treasonous endeavors.

If we build it, they won’t come

The illegal immigration factor to this equation is a major one, hence Trump’s continued emphasis on the importance of a border wall. Some people, primarily on the left, scoffed at Trump’s proposition that a border wall is necessary. But the illegal immigration that a lack of one foments is a deep state weapon designed to drive the final nail into the coffin of our precious republic.

“If we build it, they won’t come,” says Thompson about the need for a border wall.

“As the border wall gets finished, then illegal aliens will not come across. ‘Coyotes’ will not be in business. The drug dealers will have to try to think of another way to get their drugs in the country. So at least we can check off: they’re not coming across the border. There are no little girls that are getting deceived by coyotes to get up to the border, brought in to the United States, and sold into sex slavery. That’s why the wall is crucial.”

Thompson points to numerous articles and reports published in recent days – by leftists, no less – that are finally admitting that a border wall makes sense. Many other countries, including Israel in the Middle East, maintain border walls for their protection. Even Mexico has one at its southern border to keep out undesirables from other Central American countries.

“Anything besides, yes, the wall makes sense … is simply a lie,” says Thompson. “We’re going to get the wall built, and they’re not going to come anymore. And we’re going to make America great again, finish it, and then keep America great by, we decide who comes into the country.”

Check OpenBorders.news for more coverage of illegal border crossings.

Also be sure to check out the full episode of The Deplorables with Eric Thompson at Brighteon.com. You can also reach him on Twitter either @ETTalkShow or @TheDeplorables.

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