Watch as Hillary Clinton is EXPOSED for “negotiating” with DOJ to wipe email server clean

The Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to unravel, with new documents recently released by the FBI showing that Clinton colluded with the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) to bleach-bit her email server and wipe it clean of all incriminating evidence.

A recent segment of “#SeekingTheTruth” with the “Truth Seeker,” available at, reveals that Clinton’s lawyers worked closely with the Obama DOJ to erase and wipe down the memory hole all of Clinton’s emails from the infamous Platte River network server.

“The documents reveal that Clinton and her army of lawyers managed to convince officials at the DOJ and FBI to suppress certain bits of vital evidence,” explains the Truth Seeker.

“FBI docs show a lot of back-and-forth between Hillary’s lawyers and the DOJ over what the FBI could and could not see, which leads us to the question: why is the FBI negotiating evidence to begin with?”

Judicial Watch lawsuit leads to release of incriminating documents against Hillary Clinton

It was Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton who recently tweeted about the release of these new FBI documents, which were made available thanks to a Judicial Watch lawsuit. Included in the release are pictures of the server showing that the Obama DOJ and FBI colluded with Clinton’s gang of lawyers to cover for her and her family’s countless felony crimes.

Clinton was basically given cover by the politicized DOJ and FBI right at the same time as the fake “Russian collusion” hoax was launched by the fake news media to try to indict President Trump of crimes that he didn’t commit.

“So pretty much if you’re associated with President Trump, the FBI will seize evidence with door-busting raids,” says the Truth Seeker.

“But if your name happens to be Hillary Clinton, you can apparently negotiate with the FBI about what evidence they can and cannot see. It’s obviously a two-tiered justice system, we all see it. You’d have to be an idiot not to see it.”

Fox’s Lou Dobbs spells out how fake dossier spread by Clinton, McCain, and others swept Hillary Clinton’s crimes under the rug

During a segment of his show Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business‘ Lou Dobbs unpacked how the phony Russia investigation came to be at just the perfect moment to draw attention away from Hillary Clinton’s treasonous crimes against the United States.

“The Hillary Clinton email case was basically open and shut while this Russia investigation is now put together by rumors and everything is still under investigation. Does that make any sense at all?” asks the Truth Seeker, making a very poignant statement about the ridiculous of it all.

During the Dobbs segment, his guest offered a play-by-play timeline of how the spotlight was withdrawn from Hillary Clinton’s corruption and instead shined on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was falsely accused of “colluding” with Russia to “steal” the 2016 presidential election.

“This is a story of corruption and it begins, as it must, with Hillary Clinton, who broke a myriad of felony statutes and should have been charged in a multi-count indictment,” Dobbs’ guest states.

“But James Comey and his band of minions decided that, even though she broke the law, they were going to clear her, so they twisted the facts, they contorted the law, and they cleared her, and on the day that Comey cleared her, July 5, 2016, secretly meeting in London was the FBI and the author of the totally fabricated, anti-Trump dossier, and that was the beginning of the Russia hoax,” he adds.

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