President Trump has a constitutional MANDATE to use the military to protect our southern border – Richard Sacks

Many American patriots were justifiably disappointed in President Trump’s recent address to the nation, where, rather than declare a national emergency on our southern border as expected, our Commander-in-Chief simply made yet another appeal to obstructionist Democrats to do the right thing by agreeing to fund a border wall. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the president won’t declare a national emergency at some point in the future – a move that, when it finally happens, will be fully and constitutionally justifiable.

Richard Sacks from Lost Arts Radio recently published a video to discussing this important issue, in which he explained why President Trump needs to immediately send our military to the southern border in order to secure it in lieu of, and until, a wall is finally built.

“Forget Congress,” Sacks says in no uncertain terms. “Use the legitimate military budget to protect your own country instead of building these facilities all over the world, all over the Middle East – places that constitutionally the U.S. has no justification to be,” he adds, referring to the dark legacy of illicit nation-building that’s kept our brave boys and girls overseas instead of here at home where they belong.

“And it’s not even constitutional – we haven’t declared war against 100 different countries, so what do we have military there for? And yet, letting the border at home that protects our own country, let that fall apart with no concern,” he contends.

The Constitution REQUIRES the president to take action to protect our borders, regardless of what Congress says

Rather than dwell on the negatives, however, Sacks goes on to point out that President Trump has not just a constitutional right, but also a duty, to take action on the matter – even in spite of the Democratic Congress’ resistance to his efforts to implement effective border security.

“The president is constitutionally not just allowed, but mandated and ordered to use the military to protect the borders of the country,” Sacks says.

“He has the ability to put the military there, build the wall – 2,000 miles of it, or the barrier or the fence, whatever he thinks is the best according to the input of Border Patrol agents and people who know – and get the inflow to stop.”

Remember when Obama welcomed in southern invaders and transported them across the country on taxpayer-funded buses?

As you may recall, the previous administration utterly failed to address the situation on the southern border, despite similarly describing it as a “humanitarian crisis” during his White House occupation. In fact, the Usurper-in-Chief welcomed in all the illegals, and even bused them around the country on the taxpayers’ dime.

“The previous administration not only ignored that, but brought people in, put them on buses to anywhere in the country they wanted to go, and was working consciously for the destruction of America,” Sacks says, pointing out the hypocrisy of traitors like Nancy Pelosi who have the gall to accuse President Trump of being “immoral” simply for wanting to secure the southern border.

“None of these people who just come across the border by force, or illegally – those are not immigrants,” Sacks adds.

“Those are invaders, trespassers, criminals. And you would be that if you went into any other country without their permission. And that’s obvious. The fact that the media is trying to make you not know that means they think that you’re so far gone that they can make you believe anything – which is unfortunately getting closer and closer to the truth for all of us, as we’ve been programmed for so long.”

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