Soviet tactics of the Left: Push to label Trump “mentally ill” a throwback to Stalinist days… no wonder the Left loves it

One of the great ironies of modern-day leftism is its almost ideological mastery of the art of deflection. Practically everything that socialist-communist liberals falsely accuse their enemies of doing is exactly what they themselves do as a matter of principle. And at perhaps no other time in recent history has this been more apparent than since the announcement by Donald Trump on June 16, 2015, that he would be running for president on the Republican ticket in 2016.

This unprecedented move by a New York billionaire with no experience in politics set the political landscape ablaze, and activated a Pavlovian response, of sorts, from the mainstream media. It began as mockery and ridicule before his victory; morphed into made-up allegations of Russian collusion after his victory, and now it’s become a page taken straight from the Soviet playbook on how to stage a coup against your opposition.

Increasingly angered by the fact that every tactic they’ve tried thus far has failed big time, desperate left-wing aggressors and their media sympathizers have now resorted to accusing our lawfully-elected president of having a mental illness that makes him unfit for office. With no evidence whatsoever to back this ridiculous claim – which is still being made even after the president was declared by the official White House physician to be mentally robust – leftist liberals are showing their true colors as communist commiserators.

“The Soviets devised a system that allowed for political figures – especially those who posed a threat to party leaders – to be declared mentally unfit for office,” writes Jordan Schachtel for Conservative Review about how the tactics of modern-day leftists in trying to unseat President Trump are the same ones that have long been employed by dictators – including those who committed genocide and other atrocities in the former Soviet Union.

“To combat unsavory political opinions, Soviet leaders from Nikita Khrushchev to Yuri Andropov called on friendly psychiatrists to diagnose dissidents as mentally incapacitated. Some dissidents were then sent to a psikhushka (mental hospital), where they were imprisoned and removed from political life. The pseudo-psychiatry establishment – which in effect acted as an ideological policing agency – continued until the fall of the Soviet Union.”

Falsely accusing Trump of being a dictator is actually a dictator-like tactic used by communist dictators throughout history

No matter what the president does, these leftists, as well as some Republican-in-name-only (RINO) “conservatives,” find something to spin and criticize as part of their crusade towards impeachment and removal. But what’s glaringly obvious to anyone who’s paying attention is that almost everything the left is lobbing at the president as “evidence” that he’s “mentally unfit” is exactly what the left is doing.

Claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to “steal” the election, for instance, are actually turning out to be what Hillary Clinton did with the Fusion GPS scandal. And recent statements by fake Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona comparing President Trump to Joseph Stalin, simply because he’s expressed boldness in calling out the fake news media, are actually an ironic indication of the left’s never-ending witch hunt against the president himself.

“Leftists are psychiatrizing, stigmatizing, and gaslighting to make sure the Trump presidency is never, in their words, ‘normalized,'” comments Matthew Vadum for

“Casual character-assassination is easy for the Left. They have to lie to others and themselves in order to remain left-wing. Reality is not kind to so-called idealists who deny human nature. The leftist worldview is a funhouse mirror view of reality, or as the recently popular saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings, and feelings are the glue that holds their twisted belief structure together.”

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