CHEATERS: How Dems plan to steal all future elections by eviscerating the Electoral College, U.S. Supreme Court and allowing illegals to out-vote American citizens

Long-serving Democratic leaders at the national level may be worried that younger members of their party are too Left-wing radical for them and America in general, but that hasn’t stopped the party from shifting further towards that direction, politically. 

The country isn’t yet ready for socialism or radical authoritarianism that the Left represents, but demographically we are moving in that direction, thanks to the virulent anti-Americanism that’s been fed to Millennials and Generation Z via our public education system and higher learning institutes. 

That said, the same leaders concerned about how to handle the “Democratic socialists” like Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and virulent anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are nevertheless using that extremism to push a far-Left agenda that, truth be told, most of them have long supported in private.

We see it in the party’s 2020 presidential offerings. Thus far, candidates who make up the increasingly crowded field have yet to differentiate themselves; all are embracing several socialist-Marxist ideas and policies with the same vigor that the younger party members have brought with them to Washington.

And what are they? In no particular order, 2020 Dems are pushing socialist healthcare (even beyond what Obama and his Democrats proposed and passed); basic universal incomes; the gutting of America’s fossil fuel sector and with it the toppling of our energy industry; infanticide; open borders.

In addition, the candidates are openly advocating policies and tactics that, if enacted, would destroy our constitutional electoral process as founded. But Democrats will happily implement them in exchange for their party’s presidential nominee winning the White House in election after election, in perpetuity. 

One, Democrats are pushing to expand the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. They had no such desires when Obama was putting Leftist judicial activists Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan on the high court, but now that POTUS Trump is filling vacancies with constitutionalists, Democrats want to pack the court with more ‘like-minded’ justices so they can negate the peskiest provisions in the Constitution such as the Second Amendment.

For now, Democrats are just trying to fire up their voting base

Speaking of the Constitution, Democrats are also pushing a concept called the National Popular Vote Compact, which is a plan to steal the required 270 electoral votes to put Democrats in the White House in perpetuity. This will effectively neuter the Electoral College and implement a “democratic” majority vote scheme our founders studiously avoided, and for good reasons. 

Also, Democrats are continuing to throw up roadblocks (with some Republican help) in front of POTUS Trump’s efforts to control illegal immigration because they hope to someday empower millions of people in the country illegally with the ‘right’ to vote in our federal elections. Oh, and they want all 16-year-olds to vote even though they won’t let them serve in the military until they’re 18 or buy a gun until they’re 21. (Related: Ballot harvesting is the new mass-scale vote fraud now being used by Democrats to steal elections… here’s how it works.)

We’re under no illusions about the fact that Democrats won’t be very successful in proposing this stuff for the short term. There’s no way they’ll get any of this extremism through a Republican-controlled Senate or past POTUS Trump. But what happens in the future is anyone’s guess, and clearly, the party is sending out feelers and setting down markers. The extreme Left is where the party wants to go.

A major element in the Democrats’ strategy in the meantime is to fire up their voting base ahead of the 2020 elections. No matter who wins the nomination, chances are better than excellent he or she will have espoused one, two, or more of these ideas at some point on the campaign trail, and polling data now indicate that these crazy ideas are increasingly popular with the Democrat base.

As time goes on, more of the party will warm to these ideas. And when enough time passes, the requisite number of Democrats will have been elected to implement them.

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