Border INVASION of America happening right now, yet even GOP lawmakers vote against national defense… are they insane?

Roughly one month after House Democrats, along with 13 House Republicans, voted against President Trump’s national emergency declaration to provide funding for the construction of a southern border wall, the President announced that Border Patrol agents captured some 75,000 illegal aliens during that time period.

Speaking to Breitbart News White House correspondent Charlie Spiering, President Trump explained how there’s an “invasion” taking place, and that more money and agents are needed to tackle the problem and stop the flow of crime entering our country.

“People get angry on the other side when I use the word ‘invasion,'” President Trump stated, reiterating the fact that this is, indeed an invasion. “But it’s an invasion not only of people, but an invasion of drugs and human traffickers and other things.”

As Trump’s opposition continues to claim that walls “don’t work,” and that this is all centered around the President’s “anti-immigrant hysteria,” the facts don’t lie in showing that the situation along our southern border has spiraled completely out of control.

“Look, I need border security,” the President added. “We’ve done a great job … We captured 75,000 people last month. It’s never been like that.”

President Trump calls for an end to corrupt “catch and release” program

Besides a lack of both funding and agents to deal with the problem of illegal immigration, President Trump also says that current policies such as “catch and release” are only exacerbating the problem by flouting federal immigration law.

“You have all of these crazy loopholes,” Trump stated. “What we do is, I call ‘catch and keep.'”

As far as claims that “walls don’t work,” the President also shot down this unsubstantiated myth, pointing to the untold number of illegal aliens, often women and children, who cross into the United States in areas where there’s no wall, barrier, or anything to stop them.

“Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t come through those areas,” President Trump says.

“When they have women in the back of a van because, you know, when they stop at a port of entry, they open the doors so they’re going to see it. When they have big boxes of drugs, they open the doors.”

“The biggest part comes in in the areas where you don’t have the walls, where they go out into the land into the deserts,” he added.

No more welfare-dependent immigrants, says Trump

President Trump is fully supportive of immigration, so long as immigrants abide by the rules in place rather than just enter whenever and however they feel. He also wants to see the caliber of immigrants let into the country improve, so they don’t end up becoming a burden on society.

Part of Trump’s plan is to restrict immigration to only those who can afford to pay their way, and who plan to work once they’re here as opposed to depending on welfare programs for their entire lives.

The President also wants to see Mexican drug cartels reclassified as “foreign terrorists organizations,” and treated as such whenever their members are captured by local law enforcement or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

On March 15, President Trump signed an executive order updating one that was previously issued by Barack Obama, making a powerful gesture towards this end. In essence, the executive order ups the designation of Mexican drug cartels as “significant transnational criminal organizations,” and expands this definition to apply to any group “involving the jurisdictions of at least two foreign states, or one foreign state and the United States.”

“It’s psychological, but it’s also economic,” Trump stated during an announcement about the executive order. “As terrorists – as terrorist organizations, the answer is, yes, they are.”

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